• The website is easy to use, everything loads fast, and placing an order takes just a few minutes.
  • The quality of the papers written by professional writers at PaperHelp is remarkable. They always follow order instructions, write essays from scratch, and proofread the final document before delivering it to a customer.
  • If you’re pressed for time and have a short essay due, you can have it written in as short as three hours.
  • PaperHelp is known for its customer-centric approach. You can rest assured that the writer will write your paper according to your specific requirements.
  • There’s a handy app available for android users.


  • In case you have a very complex order, you might be asked to pay extra for an Advanced writer.
  • Some useful extras like plagiarism report or an abstract page don’t come for free.

Not all paper-writing services are alike, as PaperHelp shows. PaperHelp.org is a service that provides top-quality papers you can trust from highly-vetted writers. The company offers a simple approach to handling papers. You can place an order in moments, track the progress of your work, and then review your paper to ensure it is of the best possible quality.

This PaperHelp.org review will help you see what you can expect out of this website. PaperHelp.org ensures you’ll receive the help you deserve for any project you wish to complete. Be it an essay, research paper or a lengthy dissertation. Above all, the website offers support for whatever needs you hold when completing your writing tasks.

What Types of Papers Are Available?

The best online paper-writing services will help you with whatever paper you wish to complete. PaperHelp.org offers support for all the papers you might require. You can ask for help with one of many documents:

  • Most of the projects PaperHelp.org support entails traditional essays. These include standard and argumentative essays.
  • The team can also complete reviews. These include book, literature, and film reviews.
  • Creative writing services are open. These include situations where you need someone to write a narrative item or other item without prior research. You can submit the prompt.
  • Thesis support is available, as you can hire PaperHelp.org to complete a thesis, a proposal, or a statement.
  • Annotated bibliography services are available. You can submit as many references as you wish.

You can request a paper at a high school, college, university, or Ph.D. level.

What Are the Writers Like?

The writers at PaperHelp.org are trustworthy professionals who can support whatever writing demands you hold. PaperHelp.org uses a few standards for ensuring they hire the best workers:

  • Each prospective writer goes through a complete grammar and writing test. In other words, each writer undergoes a test surrounding one’s knowledge of English, the quality of one’s writing, and how well someone can avoid plagiarism.
  • The website will then interview all writers who have passed the necessary tests. PaperHelp.org focuses on hiring people who are prompt, flexible, and friendly.
  • All people the website hires will be subject to a one-month probation period. A person is examined during that month to see how well one can complete a project.

By default you will get a professional writer who passed the probation period and proved to be knowledgeable and reliable. If you have a very important paper due, you can pay extra to hire an Advanced (+23% to the initial price) or a TOP 10 writer (+36%). A TOP 10 writer is someone with the highest available rating in your subject area. An Advanced one is a writer who is more experienced than the basic one. If you can’t afford to overspend, you can safely go with a basic writer (in case you need a standard paper without much demand).

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The writers come from various English-speaking companies like the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, and Canada. You will be assured you have someone who respects your needs and is ready to help you with your work.

Everyone at PaperHelp.org also has a BA, MA, or Ph.D. degree. The website also lets you chat directly with whoever you hire, ensuring both sides are on the same page for each project.

You can rate each writer after you finish working with them to let others know how well someone writes. You can also list a writer as a favorite, meaning you can specifically ask for that person for a later project if you prefer.

PaperHelp.org provides a simple approach to writing papers that ensures you’ll receive the support you need every time you request assistance. You can use these steps:

Ordering Your Paper

  1. Specify the type of paper you want the team to write.
  2. List as many details on your paper as possible. You can upload files or requirements necessary for your work. The writer can use this info to ensure your paper is of the best possible quality.
  3. You will then provide a valid email address to confirm your account and ensure your writer can start working on your project.
  4. You can then secure the payment for your paper. PaperHelp.org supports multiple payment options, including Visa, MasterCard, Discover, Apple Pay, PayPal, and JCB.

The ordering platform lets you select all the details you want out of your paper, including how many pages it will be, whether it will be single or double-spaced, and how much time you need it in. You could ask for the paper in a few hours if you prefer, or if you ask for it in a few days or weeks.

A Flexible Approach

PaperHelp.org provides a flexible arrangement for how you can handle your papers. You can ask for a Top Writer if you require someone you can trust the most. The website also lets you stick with the same writer if you prefer if you require a second document.

The service also lets you check on your paper after it is complete. You can ask for free revisions to your report if necessary.

The website also lets you adjust the timeframe for when you need your paper complete. The website will let you see how much money it would cost for the service based on the type of document you have, the quality of your writer, and how much time you require.

Tracking Your Order

PaperHelp.org provides a transparent approach to ensuring you know what’s happening with your paper. PaperHelp.org will help you review your order through many methods:

  • You can use an email or SMS communication to check on how your paper is going forward. The website will provide updates on occasion.
  • You can review your control panel to see how your paper is going. You can log on with your account and check the status from there.
  • The customer support team is available 24 hours a day, so you can see how your order is going through them.
  • PaperHelp.org also has a mobile app available for Android users. You can check your latest notifications through the app. As far as I know, the iOS version is currently in the development.

The best part is that you can directly communicate with your writer if you prefer. You can talk with your writer about whatever you want to complete within your project and how your setup is running. You can utilize the support of the website to handle whatever writing tasks you wish to complete.

What Does It Cost?

The cost of your paper will vary based on your grade level and the timeframe for completing the work. You can spend about $10 to $56 per page, depending on what you demand. You’ll always know what you will spend beforehand, plus all revisions are free.

* The prices are shown per page in US dollars as of January, 2021

Additional Services

  • A plagiarism report will be available for $10 for up to five single-spaced pages or ten double-spaced pages.
  • You can order a separate abstract page for $15.
  • You can request charts or graphs for your document if you want to make your work easier for people to read. It costs $10 on average for a writer to incorporate one.
  • An editor’s check is available where you can get someone to edit your work after a writer finishes the project. The price will be calculated based on your order details.

What Guarantees Are Available?

PaperHelp.org provides multiple guarantees to ensure you are comfortable with the project you’re getting:

  • The website ensures that your order will remain fully confidential.
  • All papers are plagiarism-free, meaning your work will be safe for submission.
  • You will get a full refund if the website cannot find a writer for your paper or if someone is late in submitting your work.
  • You can also get a refund of 70 percent of your order if you cancel it and less than half of the deadline has passed. Similarly, the total drops to 50 percent after the halfway point.

How the Customer Support Team Works

The customer support team at PaperHelp.org will ensure you receive the help you deserve every time you request their services. The support staff is available 24 hours a day via live chat, phone, email and Facebook Messenger. You can contact someone to get information on whatever concerns you have for your work.

You can call a 24/7 helpline if you need to speak to someone or get an update about your order. A live chat feature comes in handy if you have an urgent inquiry. Plus you can send a more detailed email message to someone on the website if you have a more pressing need surrounding whatever project you wish to complete.

The PaperHelp.org website also has a FAQ section that helps you get answers to some of the most prominent questions you might hold. Above all, the website ensures you’ll get the help you demand right away.


PaperHelp.org is a convenient website to explore when you’re looking for a paper-writing service online. The company will ensure you receive the assistance you demand for whatever paper you wish to plan. The service helps you stay in touch with your writer, and it gives you more control over how you place your order. Be sure to see what PaperHelp.org provides when you’re looking for a suitable solution for your writing demands.

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