• ExpertWriting has one of the biggest teams of writers among popular essay writing companies. They write academic papers of decent quality regardless of their difficulty, academic level or discipline.
  • The website offers some sample papers, so you can get familiar with the quality of services they provide before placing an order.
  • The customer service has your back 24/7, so getting an update on the progress of your order is quick and easy.


  • The company doesn’t make it clear that some subjects cost more than others. Having calculated the cost using website’s calculator, you may see a higher price after choosing your subject on the order form.
  • Even though the papers written by writers at ExpertWriting are original by default, they charge $10 for an official plagiarism report.
  • Sales representatives are a little bit too pushy with extra features and upselling attempts.

Sometimes academic writing projects require experts to make them work. ExpertWriting.org provides help for all those looking to complete their papers well.

ExpertWriting.org is a service that provides convenient and comprehensive writing services for all who need assistance the most. You can trust the writers at ExpertWriting.org when you need help with whatever documents you wish to complete. The website also makes it easy for people to order their papers.

Completing Work Fast

One of the most popular features of ExpertWriting.org is how you can get your work finished in less time when you use the service. Writers at ExpertWriting.org write papers of decent quality in as little as three hours. You could also ask for a paper in fourteen days if you need something more elaborate. In such a case, the price will be lower.

Be advised that by ordering a paper in a few hours, you will only get a few pages. For instance, the three hour deadline is limited to three pages. It is not possible to complete more than a few pages in a couple of hours, although ExpertWriting.org ensures you’ll get the start you need in that time.

  • 3-hour deadline is limited to 3 pages (825 words)
  • 8-hour deadline is limited to 10 pages (2750 words)

What Types of Documents Can They Write?

ExpertWriting.org can assist you in writing various papers of note. You can contact ExpertWriting.org when you need help with papers like:

  • Essays
  • Creative writing documents
  • Research proposals
  • Term papers
  • Speeches or presentation documents
  • Annotated bibliographies, abstracts, or other segments of a more massive project

Who Writes These Documents?

All papers at ExpertWriting.org come from talented writers who understand the various needs people hold for their papers. ExpertWriting.org hires expert writers who have degrees in various fields. Your order will be forwarded to a writer who has a degree in whatever segment your work entails.

All writers go through strict testing and monitoring work to ensure they can handle whatever projects come their way. They also undergo interviews and screenings to confirm they understand the rules for writing papers and ensuring they are all accurate. Writers also go through tests to confirm they can handle various formatting standards.

How Can You Place Your Order?

You can complete your order with ExpertWriting.org in moments. You can list the following when you place your order:

  • Your academic level; the setup can range from high school to Ph.D.
  • The type of paper you wish to order
  • The subject or discipline for your paper: your paper will be forwarded to a staff writer with experience in that field
  • The topic you wish to utilize
  • Any special instructions; be as specific here as possible
  • How many sources you require; you can upload files surrounding those sources
  • The format you wish to utilize; you can select between the MLA, APA, Chicago, or Harvard format
  • How many pages the work must be; you can also specify the number of words
  • When you need your paper

You’ll get a review of how much it would cost to order your paper when you complete your order.

How Are the Papers Completed?

You can visit the ExpertWriting.org website to learn about how the people on the website can complete their papers. The website features samples of various papers that the writers can manage. The content will help you see how you can trust the team at ExpertWriting.org with whatever tasks you wish to complete.

What Does the Service Cost?

The cost of services will vary surrounding whatever you wish to utilize. It will cost at least $9 per page to hire the writer at ExpertWriting for help. The charge will vary surrounding the subject area, academic level and how much time you require.

* The prices are shown per page in US dollars as of January, 2021

Please note that some subjects such as Chemistry, Computer Science, Mathematics, Physics and Statistics have a higher price. Assignments within these subject areas start at $11.69 per page for High School level, $14.29 for College, $18.19 for Unviersity, $23.39 for Master’s level and $32.49 for PhD.

Admissions essays are also priced differently and start at $19.78 per page (High School level).

The website also provides coupon codes on occasion. You can get a 5 percent discount on your first order if you use the code “FIRSTIE” during checkout. The website will list information on whatever codes are available for your use, so you don’t have to hop around to different websites to find something of note.

What About Revisions?

You will not pay anything extra for whatever revisions are necessary. Other than that, you can review the paper a writer provides and then state if you need any additional revisions or other changes to the work as necessary. You will need to request those revisions within ten days after you receive your initial draft. All revision instructions must be clear and should not contradict the original ones you provided at the start.

How the Customer Service Team Works

A helpful customer service team is critical to your enjoyment of any writing service, and ExpertWriting.org respects this need. The customer service agents are respectful of their clients and will respond to various questions 24/7. The team also provides detailed answers for whatever concerns you might hold.

The customer service team is available by phone or email. You can also use the live chat feature on the ExpertWriting.org website to handle your needs.

The website also provides a FAQ section that provides reports on some of the more common questions people hold. You can use the FAQ segment to learn about the service and how it functions.

How the Guarantee Works

ExpertWriting.org provides a guarantee when you can be assured you’ll get a refund if you are not satisfied. If there are any problems with your paper, the manager at ExpertWriting.org will contact you and discuss an appropriate refund or another way to resolve the conflict in question. The team will ensure you receive the help necessary when handling whatever demands you hold.

The total value of your refund will vary surrounding the timeframe for the order, how much work was completed, and cases where a revision exists. The website manager can dictate the value, but the report is always transparent. You’ll know what you are getting out of your work when you contact ExpertWriting.org for support here.

The website guarantees all documents are original and have not been plagiarized. The cost for checking for plagiarism is included in your order, but you can also request a report for $9.99 showing how the paper is original. You can use this document if you need to provide proof that your work is complete.

What Are People Saying?

ExpertWriting is quite popular on Reddit. Prior customers who have used this website say that it provides a complete approach to work that they can trust.


Customers appreciate how they focus on every detail in the work, and also that they are flexible enough to handle various directions. They are also satisfied with the fast turnaround times for the project. The positive points show that you will appreciate the work necessary for whatever tasks you wish to complete.


There are always going to be times when you have too many academic projects going to where you cannot complete a paper yourself. Hiring an outside team to assist you here will be critical to your success. ExpertWriting.org will ensure you have the support you need when the time comes.

This company provides a helpful approach to writing a paper that you can trust. ExpertWriting.org will help you see you have all the necessary help you deserve when completing a paper. The website provides an easy setup that works in moments. You can use this service if you ever have a need to complete a more detailed or thorough paper for any reason.

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Rated 5 out of 5
March 18, 2022

Read a bunch of good reviews of this site on reddit and decided to give it a try. Got 90% on recent my anthropology essay. Definitely recommended


Immensely helpful

Rated 4 out of 5
February 17, 2021

Writing a research paper is a real nightmare for me, and I’m glad I found this site. It’s cheap and the quality is good!


The essay wasn’t perfect, but overall everything was good

Rated 4 out of 5
January 13, 2021

I had to fix some typos in an essay and reword a few sentences here and there, but I have to say that the paper was already great