• The best thing about EssayPro is that you can choose a writer yourself based on dozens of reviews from previous customers.
  • The site uses a thorough writer verification process.
  • You can communicate with your writer directly, without any intermediaries. Most companies don’t allow that for the sake of their writers’ anonymity.
  • Since it’s a freelance writing platform, the quality is more or less predictable, and you basically get what you pay for.
  • EssayPro provides a free plagiarism report with every order, so you don’t have to pay extra to receive it.


  • Some writers may not precisely follow order instructions.
  • EssayPro is a popular company that has a steady stream of new customers, so it seems like the company values its writers more than it values its customers. Most of the time, refund disputes are resolved in a writer’s favor.

EssayPro.com is one of the oldest paper-writing services available online. The website has been in operation since 2003, and it has been serving people by supporting their many essay writing needs. You can trust the people at EssayPro.com when you’re looking for someone who can support your writing demands.

EssayPro.com provides a user-friendly approach to ordering papers that you can trust. EssayPro.com ensures your paper will be completed accurately and safely. Here’s a closer look at what you will find out of EssayPro.com when you hire the website for your writing needs.

Is EssayPro.com Legit?

You might be curious over whether a website that has been around since 2003 like EssayPro.com is a legitimate choice to explore for your paper-writing demands. The great news is that EssayPro.com is a trustworthy place that respects your needs.

EssayPro.com has a positive rating at TrustPilot and SiteJabber, with about 80 percent of the reviews being five stars. People love how EssayPro provides its projects before deadline and how they always communicate with the customers to ensure everyone is on the same page.

The team also has a full assortment of writers on hand. There are at least four hundred writers employed by EssayPro, meaning there are many people on hand to manage many projects. You can find writers that focus on specific tasks as necessary.

The team also provides its services to people in many countries. You can utilize EssayPro if you are in the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, or Saudi Arabia.

Who Writes These Papers?

One question you might have when hiring a paper-writing service entails whether the writers you hire are ones that can securely handle all your work and do it right the first time around. The great news is that the people at EssayPro.com are professionals who respect your demands.

EssayPro hires writers that specialize in many fields. You’ll find people who work in everything from agriculture to engineering to psychology and all points in between. You can click on each writer’s profile to see who is available, what projects they have completed in the past, and their success rates and ratings from prior customers.

EssayPro uses a thorough process for ensuring you’ll find the best writers for the task at hand. All writers are vetted and tested before being employed. They must also have suitable degrees in their fields of study before they can start working for you.

The Writer Verification Process

EssayPro uses a full series of steps to ensure its writers for hire are suitable for the jobs at hand. The website checks on its writers based on these points:

  • Proof of identity
  • Verification of one’s diploma
  • A review of writing samples; these include prior education projects
  • Writing a test essay; the website requires each candidate to write something new
  • A trial period where each writer is monitored for quality

The writing verification process ensures each person the website hires is safe to utilize for any need.

What Papers Are Available?

EssayPro.com can help you produce papers of all sorts. You can ask for assistance with high school, college, university, or Ph.D. papers. Also, you can provide as many details on your paper as possible and send a few attachments relating to the work, and a writer will get on it from there.

You can use EssayPro.com for help with many papers, including traditional essays, case studies, research papers, admission papers, and creative writing projects. You can also hire someone to produce an annotated bibliography, research proposal, or case study.

No project is too minor or significant for the people at EssayPro.com. The website will give you the help you demand with whatever projects you wish to complete.

How Can You Order a Paper?

It’s easy to order a paper from EssayPro. You can use a few simple steps to get the order process going:

  1. Create a new order.

You can create an order where you specify what you need out of your paper at the start. Just state what paper type you wish to complete, its general length, the grade level of your work, and when you require your paper. You can also provide a few attachments listing whatever resources or other things are necessary for the work. Be sure you provide as many details as possible about whatever paper you wish to write here.

  1. Pick the essay writer that fits your needs.

You can select whatever writer you wish to hire after you submit your paper details. You can search for writers based on their fields of work, their ratings, and anything else you find in their profiles. EssayPro also lets you start conversations with whatever writers you wish to hire for the job. You can send a private message to someone to ask about possibly handling your paper.

Each writer charges a different total per page. Each one provides a bid based on one’s experience and professional quality. You can sort through the writer listings based on what bids each one provides.

  1. Download your essay and pay for services when the writer completes the work.

You can review your paper and then download it and pay for your services when the writer is done and you are satisfied with the work. You can provide a complete review to let the writer know how satisfied you are, or you can send feedback listing what the writer needs to correct before you can finish the work.

Will Your Work Be of the Best Quality?

You might have qualms as to whether or not your work is of the best possible quality. The writers at EssayPro.com understand your needs and will work their hardest to produce a top-rate paper that fits your needs.

EssayPro.com writers are monitored and screened to ensure the website only hires the most-talented ones. The website checks the writers to ensure they can handle the instructions for each paper. They will also follow all necessary formatting rules, including the APA, MLA, and Chicago formats.

All papers are also screened through an online plagiarism detection program. The system checks the final work versus other documents available now. The review confirms the originality of the content and ensures you are only receiving a paper that is fully complete and unique.

EssayPro completes these reviews to ensure you will have a thorough paper that fits whatever needs you hold. You can feel assured that EssayPro will handle whatever tasks you wish to complete without worrying about their quality.

Academic Integrity Standards

EssayPro has strict academic integrity standards that focus on producing quality papers for all customers. A professional writer will check on your writing needs and provide a full project that covers whatever you might demand out of your work.

EssayPro ensures all acts of academic dishonesty are prohibited among all writers. These include actions like:

  • Plagiarism
  • Copying content
  • Impersonating another party
  • Collusion, or working with multiple parties in an unauthorized manner
  • Contract cheating, or contracting a third party to assist in the project without one’s permission
  • Trying to fabricate or falsify any content

Every paper that writers at EssayPro complete is checked to ensure it is unique and accurate. All documents are monitored to confirm they are sensible and easy to follow. You can trust the workers at EssayPro to ensure everything fits your needs.

What Does It Cost For Service?

The cost to hire someone at EssayPro.com will vary over the writer you hire, the paper length, and the grade level. You can expect to spend more when you require a higher-grade paper. It also costs more to hire someone if you have a shorter timeframe.

For example, you can spend about $11 per page if you have a paper that you need within the next two months. That total may go up to $16 per page when you have a week to complete the work.

The pricing will vary by writer, as each person here has different bidding standards for every paper. You can sort through all the open candidates to see who is available and what they will charge for their work.

Discounts are available, although the terms for these discounts will vary surrounding who you hire and the complexity of the work at hand. The website will provide full details on what you can qualify for when finding a deal on services.

What If You Need Revisions?

There’s always the chance you might need someone to revise your paper before you can accept it all the way. You can ask for revisions after someone completes your paper if necessary. You can request a few changes or additions to your work for free. The writer will adjust the paper as necessary and then submit the corrected version to you.

You can accept the paper and leave a review if you are satisfied with the work. The writers at EssayPro will always ensure you receive the help you demand every time you request their services.

What About Writing In Short Periods?

EssayPro.com lets you order a paper service within a few hours as necessary. It costs more to complete the work in less time, and there’s no guarantee you will get a complete paper within a few hours. But the team will produce the first few pages of your project within that timeframe, ensuring you can get a great start on your work.

You can list details on how long you have before needing something, and the writer will get back to you on the work. You can discuss whatever plans you wish to establish with your writer to ensure whatever you utilize fits and that you have a plan for work. EssayPro provides a simple approach to scheduling projects that you can trust, so you never have to worry about whether you’re on the same page as everyone else.

Are Discounts Available?

EssayPro.com does provide discounts for its customers on occasion. These include deals where you can get up to 20 percent off of your paper. However, discounts are quite rare. Most of the time, EssayPro offers occasional discounts on holidays or as an incentive.

Most of the promotional offers are for first-time customers. Some deals are also available for people who request longer papers or essays. You could get a 15-percent deal on a four-page task, or a 25-percent discount on a six-page document.

How the Customer Service Team Works

The customer service department at EssayPro will ensure you receive the help you demand every time you hire them for work. EssayPro provides a live chat feature that lets you talk with someone at any point. You can also call the company through their toll-free number in the United States, or you can send a more detailed message by email if you have any further questions.

How Are the Payments Handled?

You can be assured your payments with EssayPro will be secure. All EssayPro payments are protected through a secure network. You can use a MasterCard, Visa, Discover, or American Express card to cover your purchase. The EssayPro company will appear as “Writing Help” on your bank statement. No outside party will recognize that you hired EssayPro for the servce.

Guarantee Data

EssayPro guarantees that its customers will be satisfied with the work they receive. You will receive a refund for services if EssayPro fails to assign a writer to your project, or if the project is delivered late.

All claims surrounding the guarantee will be monitored to ensure you can be entitled to whatever refund you might attain following an unsatisfactory project. EssayPro will ensure you receive the help you need for the project without worrying about any possible losses or other concerns.

A Final Note

Hiring a talented paper-writing service can make a difference if you know who’s open. EssayPro.com is a website that will give you the support you need for all your projects. Take a look at what EssayPro provides when you’re looking for someone who can assist you with whatever paper projects you wish to complete. You’ll appreciate how well the company can serve you with all your needs while getting them on time and at a sensible price.

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January 9, 2022

I chose this website over paperhelp.org simply because of the price and got a decent paper. I will definitely be using this site again

chewy muffin

I was skeptical

Rated 5 out of 5
May 7, 2021

My experience has been first class. Prompt support and feedback from the writer. Was skeptical at first in investing in this type of service however, it has far exceeded my expectations.



Rated 5 out of 5
March 6, 2021

What a fantastic service! It saved me at least eight hours of sleep and I got a 85% for a research paper I bought from this site! Kudos to Sally Brooks who was my writer, YOU ROCK!

Jacob G.J.

Horrible writer!

Rated 1 out of 5
January 20, 2021

I hired an “essay expert” (that’s what he calls himself) and I wish I didn’t do it. I had to send my paper for revision three times, and still got 55% from my instructor! I sent him a very detailed instructions on how my essay should be written, but he failed it anyway. Simply AWFUL experience and horrible writer! STAY AWAY!

Richard Blake


Rated 5 out of 5
January 14, 2021

I was willing to pay $30 for a 2-page essay on psychology, so I hired a guy from Kenya via Essaypro to do it for me. Overall, it was a good experience. Easy communication and quick delivery.