Paper writing services have gained immense popularity, although they have been a subject of controversy. While educators, such as Tricia Bertram Gallant from the University of California, San Diego, strongly condemn these companies, labeling them as potential contributors to the proliferation of diploma mills, students continue to rely on these services due to the overwhelming burden of writing assignments they face during their college or university studies. The demand for such services has only increased over time, as academic writing remains a common requirement for students pursuing higher education. Despite the negative opinions expressed by some educators, the allure of these services persists, with students seeking assistance to manage their academic workload effectively.

In the modern digital era, essay writing services have gained widespread popularity as a viable solution for students grappling with academic challenges. However, the question of whether these services can be deemed legitimate and reliable is not a straightforward one. It is important to recognize that while some writing services are reputable and trustworthy, others may resort to unethical practices.

Reputable writing services distinguish themselves by maintaining teams of highly qualified writers who possess advanced degrees across various academic fields. They uphold rigorous standards of academic integrity, ensuring that every essay produced is original, extensively researched, and entirely free from plagiarism. Moreover, these services are committed to providing clear revision policies and ensuring the timely delivery of assignments.

Despite the advantages of legitimate writing services, students must exercise caution and conduct thorough research before selecting a provider. Due diligence is necessary to avoid falling victim to fraudulent or low-quality services that may compromise academic integrity. By making informed decisions, students can strike a balance between seeking assistance and preserving the integrity of their educational journey.

The Top 3 Legit Essay Writing Services in 2023

After conducting extensive reviews and analysis of numerous essay writing services, we have identified three platforms that have consistently demonstrated safety, legitimacy, and reliability. These services cater to American students and have a pool of both native English-speaking writers (ENL) and writers with English as a second language (ESL).

  1. AcademicWritersBureau: AcademicWritersBureau is a reputable service known for its diverse team of writers, including ENL and ESL experts. They offer a wide range of academic writing services and uphold high standards of quality and originality. The platform has garnered positive reviews from students across different disciplines.
  2. EssayPro: EssayPro is a popular choice among American students due to its user-friendly interface and ability to connect students with suitable writers. They have a mix of ENL and ESL writers who are well-versed in various subjects, making them capable of handling different types of assignments.
  3. Ultius: Ultius has established itself as a reliable writing service with a solid track record of delivering on-time and well-researched essays. They employ both ENL and ESL writers, ensuring that students can find assistance for their academic needs regardless of their specific requirements.

Before choosing any of these services, it is essential for students to conduct their own research and read reviews to ensure that a particular platform aligns with their academic needs and expectations. While these three services have proven themselves as trustworthy options, individual experiences may still vary, and students should exercise caution when making their final selection.

#1. PaperHelp


PaperHelp appears to be a comprehensive essay writing service that offers a wide range of features to assist students in crafting college papers. With a substantial pool of over 580 experienced freelance academic writers covering more than 80 different subjects, they aim to cater to diverse academic needs.

One notable aspect is the ability to set prices based on the specified time limit, giving students the flexibility to choose options that suit their budget and urgency. This pricing approach can be advantageous for students with varying deadlines and financial constraints.

Additionally, the promise of quick deliveries and a 100% money-back guarantee in case of dissatisfaction with the delivery quality provides an added layer of reassurance to potential customers.

However, despite these attractive features, it is essential for students to approach such services with caution. While some writing services are indeed reliable and deliver high-quality work, others may not uphold academic integrity or provide original content. Conducting thorough research, reading reviews, and verifying the legitimacy of the service are crucial steps before entrusting any platform with important academic assignments. Each student’s experience may differ, and it is vital to weigh the benefits and risks before using any essay writing service.

#2. ExpertWriting


ExpertWriting appears to be a reputable and trustworthy essay writing service that has garnered a positive reputation online, particularly among college students. The platform’s popularity suggests that it has been successful in meeting the academic needs of its customers.

While it is mentioned that the majority of the writers are ESL (English as a Second Language), the key factor lies in their professionalism and expertise across various academic disciplines. The fact that these writers are vetted professionals indicates that the company is committed to maintaining a certain standard of quality in its services.

The assurance of delivering plagiarism-free academic papers written from scratch is a crucial aspect of any legitimate writing service. Originality and academic integrity are paramount, and customers should be able to trust that the work they receive is authentic and well-researched.

However, like with any essay writing service, it is essential for students to verify the legitimacy of ExpertWriting through thorough research, reviews, and potentially checking for customer testimonials. This is to ensure that the platform aligns with their specific requirements and expectations. Each student should weigh the pros and cons and make an informed decision before using any essay writing service to support their academic journey.

#3. 99Papers


99Papers appears to be a legitimate essay writing service that aims to cater to students of all academic levels. The platform offers a user-friendly system that allows customers to customize their orders by selecting the type of paper needed, the academic level, and the desired delivery time frame. This level of customization can be beneficial for students with varying assignment requirements and deadlines.

The affordability of the service, with prices starting at $9 per page, is likely to be appealing to students who are often on a tight budget. However, it is important to remember that extremely low prices can sometimes raise questions about the quality of the work provided.

The promise of high-quality papers and assignments is a significant claim, as it indicates a commitment to producing well-researched and original content that can potentially lead to improved academic performance.

The availability of a 24/7 customer support team is a positive feature, as it ensures that students can seek assistance or have their queries addressed at any time, adding to the convenience and reliability of the service.

As with any essay writing service, it is essential for students to exercise caution and conduct thorough research before using 99Papers. Reading reviews and seeking feedback from other customers can provide valuable insights into the platform’s performance and reputation. Additionally, it’s crucial to consider factors such as academic integrity, originality of the content, and adherence to deadlines when evaluating any essay writing service.

Are Essay Writing Services Legal?

The legality of essay writing services primarily depends on the jurisdiction and the specific nature of the service. In many countries, these services operate legally as long as they offer assistance and examples for academic purposes only. The students are responsible for utilizing the provided material ethically and responsibly, adhering to academic integrity guidelines.

Essay writing services that encourage plagiarism or academic dishonesty may face legal consequences. However, reputable services are well aware of these risks and prioritize intellectual honesty and integrity. Students should verify the legal status of writing services within their region and ensure they choose those that comply with the law.

Things You Should Know About Essay Writing Services

Before availing themselves of essay writing services, students should be aware of certain essential aspects. Firstly, these services vary widely in terms of quality and expertise. It is crucial to read reviews and testimonials from previous clients to gauge the reputation of a particular service.

Moreover, students must understand that essay writing services are supplementary tools to enhance their understanding of a subject. They should not replace genuine learning and research. Instead, these services can serve as valuable aids in crafting well-structured and well-referenced papers.

How Common Writing Services Are Among College Students?

The prevalence of essay writing services among college students has increased recently. The pressures of academic performance, part-time jobs, and other commitments often leave students with limited time to complete their assignments. As a result, many turn to writing services to alleviate the workload and ensure timely submission.
Studies suggest that many college students have used essay writing services at least once during their academic journey. However, educational institutions are increasingly implementing stricter policies to combat academic dishonesty and plagiarism.

How To Find a Legit Essay Writing Service?

Finding a legitimate essay writing service can be daunting, given the abundance of online options. Here are some essential steps to identify a reliable service:

a. Research: Conduct thorough research on different writing services, read reviews, and seek recommendations from peers or online forums.

b. Check for Credentials: Ensure the service employs qualified writers with expertise in various academic fields.

c. Plagiarism Guarantee: Verify that the service provides plagiarism-free content and a money-back guarantee.

d. 24/7 Customer Support: Look for services with responsive customer support to address any queries or concerns.

e. Pricing: Compare prices among different services, but avoid suspiciously cheap options as they may compromise quality.

f. Privacy Policy: Prioritize services with a firm privacy policy to safeguard your personal and academic information.

Final Thoughts

When used responsibly, essay writing services can be valuable tools for students seeking academic support. Legitimate services aim to assist students in improving their understanding of subjects while maintaining academic integrity. However, students must diligently select a reputable service, avoiding unethical practices such as plagiarism. Ultimately, the goal should balance utilizing external assistance and personal academic growth.